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Best in live marketing 
Live marketing is storytelling on the highest level

The event marketing board austria is the inter-trade organisation of the leading live marketing agencies in Austria. eventplan is a long-standing member and Martin Brezovich is chairman of the emba. Quality assurance, training and services for members and clients are some of the main tasks of the emba. The organisation was founded in 1999 and since then their main objective is to position the offer of event agencies in the framework of the promotional mix. Today we don’t say event marketing any more, but we say live marketing. The portfolio of the industry has broadened and at the same time become more specific.

In live marketing you always reach your target audience. It’s the only marketing tool that can address all five senses. This allows messages to stay in the emotional memory. The demand for live marketing is growing. Relationship management counts more than ever in the media society. 


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